Indy’s biggest FREE trivia tournament is here!

Join us at Half Liter, Big Lug Canteen, or Sahm’s Ale House for an eight week trivia tournament. Can’t make it every week? Don’t worry! We have weekly prizes as well. Plus, we take your 6 best scores to decide the winner, so missing two weeks won’t hurt. If you play every week, you get to drop your two lowest scores!



Every Tuesday
January 10 – February 28 (8 Weeks)
7pm – 8:30pm


Free to play! Please consider dining/drinking with us during your stay.


Half Liter BBQ, Big Lug Canteen, and Sahm’s Ale House Village of West Clay


No weekly themes. Every week will contain a “potpourri” of questions to keep it fair and fun for everyone.


1 to 8 players


1st Place: $5,000
2nd Place: $1,000
3rd Place: $500
Not Last (Second to last): $300
Additional Weekly Prizes Available




1. Weekly prizes for winners at each location. Total score will be tallied and tracked across all locations to reward final cash prizes.

2. Six weeks out of 8 count towards total score. If a team plays more than 6 weeks, they can drop their lowest score(s).

3. Limit of 8 players per team. Groups larger than 8 will be asked to divide.

4. Teams must use the same team name every week in order to be tallied for the tournament. Even if subs are needed, use the same team name to ensure points are added together properly.

5. Once a player plays under a specific team name, they cannot switch teams. Players registered to a team cannot participate in another registered team. Team photographs will be taken every week to confirm.

6. Be respectful of staff, other players, and regular diners.

7. NO CELL PHONES! Cell phone use during any round will result in an immediate zero for the round. Calls and texts may be taken, but you must step away from the table for the entire round.

8. For final week, top 30 teams will be invited play for the final prize at Half Liter BBQ with a live band and prizes for every round!